We AREN’T Equal

They did it.

The first women in the history of all things Ranger (not counting those with the Power- Power Rangers that is to you younguns), are now Ranger Qualified.

Lieutenant Shaye Haver and Captain Kristen Griest, were awarded the coveted tab, after 120 grueling days of sheer blood sweat, tears, and most likely lots of sand in their hoahs- and blood, blood probably came from their nether regions as well.

Lieutenant Shaye Haver and Captain Kristen Griest graduate.
Lieutenant Shaye Haver and Captain Kristen Griest graduate. Photo by nbcnews.

The trolls though…oh the trolls have come out from under their bridges, scowling and howling and beating their chests. Chair rangers across the globe are putting their two, and four, and bazillion cents in.

“It’s not fair,” they yell. “Standards were lowered; they were given special privileges, they didn’t carry as much weight, they weren’t graded the same, it was all political agenda, OBAMA!!!” they say…it goes on and on.

An actual comment on FaceBook:

David Hanel : Means nothing. If they got thru the training good then they deserve to be called Ranger but if they lowered the standards and they are awarded the Ranger Strip then, God be with the other Rangers. 

Nick Palmisciano, a Ranger from Ranger Up, thinks otherwise, according to an article put out recently in response to the conspiracy theories floating around as to why the females actually passed the course.

You can read that article, here, but as a sum up, here were his closing words:

What I do know is that the hate being leveled at these Rangers is unacceptable.  We want leaders who push themselves beyond their limits.  We want leaders who want to excel and develop every way they can.  Whether the Army integrates units or not, that doesn’t change the fact that these ladies are hard as fuck and are the absolute best America has to offer.  They literally have no quit in them.

 I can only hope, the standards were genuinely not lowered. I have enough trust in the Ranger cadre at the school, that they upheld their values of integrity, and had the exact same expectations for the females, as they did for the males. Palmisciano sure thinks so.

This isn’t why I’m up way past the time I should be, in Afghanistan.

I’m here to talk about a little online article from The Havok Journal, titled, The Army Needs to Stop its Institutional Gender Discrimination Policies…Towards Men, written by Managing Editor, Scott Faith.

In the piece, Faith argues that the military is systematically discriminating against men in the service in the process of creating “equality” amongst males and females. He states that if females want to be treated as equals when it comes to serving in the same positions as males, they should have the same standards.

I don’t disagree with Faith on many of his points. Yes, women should have to register for the draft. If we want a seat at the knights table, we sure as shit better be ready to scrap. Anyone willing to give up their sons, but not their daughters, in a time of war, can go live in France or something…what, too soon?

Americans who thwarted train attack get France's top honor. Photo by nypost
Americans who thwarted train attack get France’s top honor. Photo by nypost

I also don’t think there should be a difference in our dress uniforms. Those fucking skirts make me appear to be a nun anyways, all cankley looking in those horrendous shoes.


So Army, either do away with the skirts and heels, or allow the guys to wear them, whichever comes first.

Let me also say, whenever I see an Air Force female with earrings in, I lose my shit. No, just…no.

The hair thing though, Faith thinks in order to be equal, we’d have to have the same hair standards as the men…meh, I’d rather keep it long, but I’d take that hit if told to do so, that’s what a Soldier does.

But, I have witnessed firsthand, the second a female does shave her head, she gets nasty looks and comments from sexes across the board.

“Man, she looks like a dude,” or, “I don’t think she’s allowed to shave her hair less than an inch short.” Seriously, what do you people want?

I also don’t necessarily agree how the females were slotted into the school ahead of their male peers simply because of their gender, they should have had to wait it out like everyone else.

One thing I disagree with the article on, is the physical fitness standard. I’m not talking about overall physical competence when it comes to accomplishing a mission. I wouldn’t have accepted anything less of a female Ranger, than meeting THE RANGER standard. My pudgy ass ain’t got no time for that.

But here’s the thing, if we’re to believe reports…the females did just as many pushups and ran just as fast as was required of any male there at Ranger School, so, ahem…suck it.

“But they should have the same standards on PT tests as the males,” demand the masses.

Now, I won’t stutter here; males and females are not physically equal. They’re just not.

Let me splain- let’s start with body fat composition. The Army “prefers” males maintain an 18% body fat, though most fall under the 20%, and are allowed no more than 22% in the 21-27 age category. Females in the same age range, are allowed 32%. “But that’s not fair,” most will say.

Marc Perry CSCS, CPT, the creator of BuiltLean based in NYC, breaks down what each category of body fat percentage looks like on males and females. See here you:

male body fat chart
Photo courtesy of BuiltLean.com

Perry found that, at 20% body fat in men, “Separation between muscles starts to blur, almost no vascularity, or striations can be seen, typically there is a small stomach pouch of fat, the look is “soft” but not very round. So it’s safe to say, a male in the Army at 18% body fat, would be slightly cut, but still “soft.”

But on women, the 20% body fat is considered “fit”. Perry says, “some definition in the abs is apparent.” See here you:

Photo courtesy of BuiltLean.com
Photo courtesy of BuiltLean.com

Perry also draws the conclusion from a research paper by Gallagher et.al., in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2000), that men under 8% would be “underfat,” in other words, unhealthy. But for women, that number is any level under 21%. That means, to be strong and healthy, females must have more fat than men, hence the higher allowable body fat percentage by the military.

Now lets take that extra fat, strap it onto a male’s chest and see if he can do as many pushups as another male with less body fat percentage but weighs the same amount, all the while, that other male also has more testosterone than the one with boobs, because, well, men have more testosterone.

The male with more estrogen and comfy chest pillows, would have to work twice as hard to turn that fat into muscle in order to crank out just as many pushups as your all American studs.

In another study, on average, females were found to be 52% and 66% as strong as men in the upper and lower body respectively. Meaning, yes I’m gonna’ say it…weaker.

Men just have larger fibers in their biceps and brachii, their vastus lateralis’ssss as well. Basically, bigger muscles, combined with more strength relative to lean body mass, equals: men are stronger pound for pound, bone per bone. Now, I personally disagree with this added fact, but apparently men also have bigger hearts. Pffsshh, right….

Now, I don’t know about you, by the Army skewing the requirements in pushups and run time towards females, I’m reminded of something.

Remember in math class, when you were sure you would’ve done just as well with wiping your ass with the test as solving all the math things, you then raised your hands and praised streaking baby Jesus come results time because, the curve….I didn’t hear anyone bitching then.

It’s called evening the odds. Also, if your promotion packet came down to your PT test, you have bigger problems.

Look, I don’t hate men, I’m quite fond of them actually. I don’t think they’re all, rapist, sexist, demon spawns. After all, I’m not of the Trump clan.

Do I think women can do whatever men do?

Absolutely not. I can’t abandon millions of my baby sperms into socks on a whim and a whiff of arousal. No, we can’t write our name in the snow…mostly anyways.

I’ve said this before, most of the women capable of pulling out physical feats on par with your average Special Forces guy…are not in the military. They’re elite athletes who would know a raw deal if they saw one.

Wanna' join the Army ladies...nope, you say?
Wanna’ join the Army ladies…nope, you say?

A deal where males consistently ask what phallic member we had in our mouths to get where we are, males who ask us what we’re doing out of the kitchen, males who shake their heads when they have to assist a 130lb female with something, but just smile and help, when another 130lb male needs the same hand up that wall. A deal where every main base PX has books by Colin Powell, or Lincoln, my hero-Chris Kyle, and Marcus Luttrell, but not one copy of Ashley White’s story, Ashley’s War.

So, Faith definitely had some good points in his piece. I hope the world does listen to him and accept he can be a voice of change.

So no, we females are not equal to males, we can’t always do what you do, but for the women who WILL, not despite being women, but because they are women- I think they deserve a little more respect.















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