I’m Here

Whenever people ask me how I am, I inevitably reply, “I’m here.” I used to think this was a rather half-assed answer, but really, I refuse to tell someone I’m ‘fine’, or ‘ok’, when we all know that’s almost never the truth.

For starters, people usually only ask how you’re doing because they feel obligated to fill a weird awkward silence, so I refuse to play along with their pity inquiries.

There’s so many answers I could give: I’m bleeding from my Vagina, thanks for asking, I mean it’s difficult drowning in my own emotions, but eh, ya’ know, I’ll get through it this time, like every other month.

But I tend to keep those things to myself….for the most part.

The world needs a little more honesty, so I won’t be changing my response any time soon. Because no matter where I’m at, there I am; so I think just knowing that is a good start to not missing out on things. But in an effort to create an “I’m great” response there’s going to be some overhauls to the blog, including NOT calling it I’m In The Closet…because yeah, that one was a bit confusing for some people. Stay tuned ya’ll.

Signed with throat punches (instead of kisses),


This is my "I'm fantastic," face.
This is my “I’m fantastic,” face.


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