NaNoWriMo Newbie- Let ME eat CaKE!!!

I fully believe any change comes from knowing how something was made.

You have to know what ingredients go into making cake before you can ever get to eating the magical egg, flour, sugar concoction that is my life force. You have to first know what makes up that moist (YEAH I SAID IT…MOIST!!!) fluffy brick before it occurs to you that, fuck yeah, cream cheese frosting would make this soooo much better.


mmm cake
mmm cake


We humans are kind of like that too. Our ingredients just aren’t mostly sugar, well, normal people anyways, I myself probably have a 2 to 3 ratio of sugar makeup. “I have an addiction sir.”


Because I eat too much cake.
Because I eat too much cake.


Who we are now, is the direct result of all the unmeasured, unleveled cups of our past experiences.

Some of those times were sweet, coating us in all the feels we never want to end. Some were more like Splenda, sugary tasting, but just plain off in some way. At least you tried to be healthier. Many other things weren’t supposed to be added to the recipe at all and you spend your time trying to scrape them off the pan, burnt and ruining your would-be perfect cake.

I’ve found a lot of the ingredients in my own past are not labeled. There’s so much I don’t remember, or never even knew growing up.

The problem with that is, I want a ridiculously filling life. I want to flash sear as many red suns and wind gusts the world has and eat the shit out of it all. Mostly I’ve just been poaching things slowly. (I must be hungry…I didn’t intend for this all to be about food.)

I don’t even remember what month it was when my dad died in 2008. I only recall the year, and even there, I might be wrong; was it 2007 instead, I’m not sure.

On Sunday, I’m going to start a project I hope can put some of the pieces back into my life. Real butter, not that margarine shit.

NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month is a nationwide event that takes place online. The goal is to write 50,000 words, by the end of November. This means I have to write roughly 1,667 words a day, every day for the entire month to finish. Essentially, by the end of it, I’ll have about a 200 page books worth of manuscript.

I’m not good at very many things.

I do hope to be great at writing one day though, and in order to make that happen, I simply have to write. This is the best way I can see right now to hold me accountable to the dumb process that is sitting in front of a terrifying bright screen every day.

The actual rules of NaNoWriMo say you have to write fiction, but I’ve decided to shoot for nonfiction and delve into the events of growing up, turning me into the person I am. So I can make her better.

Now, don’t worry friends and family. I’m not going to air dirty laundry. Anyone I write about, will come from a place of love- as corny as that is to say. Plus, it’s more important to find out why people did what they did, rather than just talk about what assholes they were.

So, in the future folks, expect to get a lot of questions from me in the coming month. I’m not going for full accuracy here though, never go full accurate. I never did like baking, ain’t nobody got time to actually measure ingredients.

Lastly, I know I’m not the only self-important person out there. I know you all have your own stories, and you don’t even have to make them all true. You can make them as fantastical or as bland as you want. Either way, it’s going to be brutal, awful, but mostly fun.


Here’s the link to the NaNoWriMo site if you think you might want to give it a go (it’s absolutely free), but be sure to give me a shout so we can nag each other into making something real and delicious.

(Note: photo credits go to Allie Brosh, from her book Hyperbole and a Half)

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