Now What: Find what makes you happy…ditch the rest

Hey Gals and Guys,

I’m going to make this one as short and to the point as possible, as I have another dreaded favor to ask, I need you all, dear readers, to do something for me….Here it goes.

I need you to ask YOURSELVES a question:

Where is my joy, and how do I get more of it?

If you’ve stuck with me this long, you’ve seen me somewhat self destruct, trying to corral my life into pretty organized piles and squares, only to put them back into places (with the help of a paid personal organizer). As amazing as she was, finding a PLACE for all my stuff, wasn’t the root of my problems, my STUFF, was the problem. Sure, I got rid of a lot of junk I didn’t need, but it didn’t change much. I still wasn’t satisfied with my job/life and where I was going.

Still sooo much stuff
Still sooo much stuff

The problem was, even though I purged a lot of things, I still had the ache for MORE; more things, more hair products, more movies, more gadgets, more clothes, more makeup. I became thee expert on self-help books, always trying the next thing, but so much of it involved tips and tricks on how to fit everything into my mediocre life (yeahhhh, I bought a Golden Girls sweatshirt…Amazon, you are the devil).

Then, I came to one book, I read it…then read it again.

Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life, is the story of how a guy, who made a six figure income, struggled to find his happiness, even with a huge bank account. He had the house, the car, the STUFF. He had so many material possessions, but no time or energy to enjoy them. If you want to see how it ended for him, along with another pretty awesome gentleman you can read more here.

The Guys
The Guys

Then, as I often do, I took stock of everything I had going on in my life, and realized a lot of it had to go. Even when I wasn’t home, in Afghanistan, I had managed to stockpile things…Amazon, we are breaking up.

Months later, I’m a job, boyfriend, and State short of where I was.

In the coming months, I’ll be moving to another State, away from Indiana and everything I’ve known for the past two decades. The best part….I’m moving towards my joy. I don’t care if “Why Is There a Toothbrush In The Bushes,” ever gets published, I wrote it, and in that process, I was happy. Where I was before, I don’t think I would have found that.

Cover needs work, but still gives me the giggles.
Cover needs work, but still gives me the giggles.

So, onto my actual other ulterior motive. The authors of Minimalism, have made a documentary about others’ journeys to a better life through Minimalism. I’ll be putting together a Facebook event page to invite all you wonderful people to a screening of the movie. In order to get it shown, 60 tickets have to be sold. To get the ball rolling, I’ll post the link below to get your tickets (hint for you avid readers, first person to share this post, gets a free ticket and date with little ol’ me.)

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

I’d really like to have one more shebang with you fine folks before I beat feet and head out of town, so, at the least, you’d get to hang out with me at the showing. (Plus, I hear they serve adult beverages at Carmike now, and although I won’t be partaking, I’m not opposed to bribery).

If you’re tired of never having enough, tired of searching for something you can’t seem to find, always finding yourself a dollar short, a buck shy…come join me on the open road to the freedom from everything else.

Here’s a little preview to wet your whistle…that’s still a phrase people use right….RIGHT????

Minimalism: A Documentary Trailer

-Not Where I Was



  1. The forum is a briteghr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

    • My darling thank you! Sorry it took so long to reply, but just getting back into the writing.

  2. Kanda Handa

    The movie was good. Hope u find ur happiness n r a little happier already. Can’t wait for ur book.

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