A Case for Racism as Instinct

Hello Gals and Guys, trying something new and opening up the blog to guest posts. The breakup posts and ramblings are a thing of the past (though conversations with my brain will continue to make an appearance). So, here I introduce you to a very hardworking, thoughtful man, who has things worth saying that I can’t myself, because let’s face it, I’m a 32-year-old half white, half Puerto Rican woman who has only been so many places, so let’s visit his brain for a little bit.¬†

Lets start at the beginning, I am not a racism apologist by any means. I’m a 6’2 230 pound black man and I am made aware racism in America is alive and well on an almost daily basis. But what if its not their fault? The consensus on racism is usually that it comes from a racist environment. We are taught to believe that racists raise racists,which has to be true in some cases. But what if racism is a natural human instinct for survival?

First lets take a long look at what racism really is, it’s being uncomfortable around someone who is clearly different from you based on appearance, most notably the color of their skin. This fear comes from thousands of years of evolution where the unknown meant death. But that is not the aspect of race I want to explore. I want to take a closer look at genetic instinct. Do you know what the first thing a male lion does when he takes over a pride? He kills all of the lion cubs that are not his own and then impregnates all of the lionesses ensuring that his genetic line lives on. The lion lives his entire life trying to live long enough to make babies. i know what you’re thinking – what does this have to do with human beings… we’re not animals.

But aren’t we?

If you take religion out of the equation human beings are just really smart monkeys who wear clothes and build complicated bee hives called cities. We think our gray matter separates us from our instincts but instead I think it just keeps us from seeing that we are controlled by our instincts, by convincing us we don’t have them. But what do we really want as human beings? We want to eat and we want to make other little humans that look like us. Which brings me to my point. What if what we see as racism is just white people subconsciously wanting people that look like them to be around in 1,000 years? Think about what has happened the last 800 years on earth, the world used to be this massive thing that took lifetimes to traverse…and now it can be done in a matter of hours. The world is a much smaller place now.

What does that have to do with race relations? Well i will tell you.

It’s really hard to be racist when you are completely unaware that other races even exist. Imagine the first Europeans seeing an African or “Moores” as they were called. Different but not a threat until the Moore mated with a woman and instead of another European being born, another Moore was born. I suspect this was the first trigger of genetic panic.

To see that just the presence of another race is enough to end yours had to have stirred something primal. Flash forward almost 1000 years. We know more things than we ever have but we are still slaves to instinct. We just convince ourselves that we make our own decisions¬†– we don’t. Have you ever asked a racist why they hate and the answer is, “I just do”? What if they are being pushed by instinct to hate other races in order to preserve their own? What if they think they are making that choice on their own but really it is something deep in their subconscious? I like to think it’s nature, I like to think they can’t help themselves and this is just a form of genetic panic manifesting itself in the form of hate. I HAVE to think that, because the alternative is even worse than a race of intelligent monkeys ruled by their fear. the alternative is we created this thing called racism just to exclude and diminish other races out of cruelty.

The bright side of all of this is that my point doesn’t matter and neither does racism. Studies show in the next 1000 years human beings will all be the same race and at that point we will just have to find other factors to determine who is different and who we need to exclude because we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.

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