Book Update

It’s a comin’. I’m in the home stretch of releasing my book and it’s so close I can taste the newly printed W2’s I’m going to have to fill out to report all those sales to Uncle Sammy. I know, it’s been two years in the making, and I promise, it’s coming guys and gals.

November has rolled around again and it brings me back to when I spent an entire month in 2015, writing my very first bookIt’s been the bumpiest of roads, with shitty shocks, and lots of YouTube nights, but by Zod, I’m traveling it.

Here’s where I am. The manuscript is in thee final editing stage with the loveliest of content editors. She’s giving it the old looksee one more time to find any continuity issues, as well as if it sucks or not. Fingers crossed. Once it’s done there, I’ll either throw it in the trash because there’s no hope in fixing it (SIIIKE, I’m not going to do that) or I’ll change some things up, then upload the final manuscript to CreateSpace. After that, it’s go time.

I hope you all will be there with me for the release, as, oh yeah, there’s going to be a party. And by party, I mean a book signing at a to-be-disclosed time/place, most likely way less cool than you’re all thinking, but hey, let’s shoot big (Wunderkammer Company, I’ve got my eye on you).

December is going be the make or break month. So save your pennies, buckle up, and keep an eye out for one of the biggest moments of my life, when I will be posting the link to where you can order Why is There a Toothbrush in the Bushes. 


  1. It’s almost doneeeee. So close!!!

    • Yaaaayaaa!!! Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.

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