I Got 99 Problems and the VA’s ONE

I’ve always had pretty good luck with the VA, but I’m getting a little angsted out and snowflaky: Story Time
I woke up at 1:00am this morning after a nightmare that could only be described as everyone in the universe abandoning me and being ghosted by every guy I’ve ever met, but they send one text calling me a cunt, and mom not being around to tell me to suck it the hell up and eat a donut because donuts didn’t exist in that hell of a dream. It ended with me deciding, welp, walking into traffic. (I’m ok guys, it was a dream, I was devastated in it, and I’ve never been so relieved in my life once I woke up and realized none of it was true..yaaay donuts and dudes in my life after all, I wanna live!!!!)
Ok, bad dream, moving on, I was happy I had a VA appointment scheduled for that morning, so I got ready and was reminded of the fact that
I’ve also had a lady-parts doctor/primary care appointment rescheduled 3 times, equaling a 4 month wait…(normally, if the appointment would be more than 90 days away, they would refer Veterans outside the system, but lo and behold, they actually schedule the appointment within the 90 days, knowing full well that they will cancel it and reschedule it because they literally DON’T HAVE A DOCTOR FOR MY VAGINA) this, I can deal with, not the end of the world…I still had this particular appointment coming up and I was looking forward to it.
But today, I went to that appointment, CHECKED IN AT THE KIOSK, which confirmed my appointment, sat in the lobby for 20 minutes, and still hadn’t been called in. I got to thinking, “Hm, I have a voicemail from them, but usually, they just leave one reminding me of my recurring appointments,”
( confession time, I see a mental health specialist once a week ) “maybe I should check the voicemail.” I listened to said voicemail, it told me my appointment was cancelled.
I go up to the window, and the clerk looked me up.
“Your therapist retired last week, and she cancelled all the rest of her appointments for this week.”
Sidenote: Dear VA lady, I’m really sorry I cried in front of you, as I know it wasn’t your fault, and thank you for being so kind and letting me know if it was an emergency they could get me in to see someone.
Ohhh, so there’s that abandoned feeling again. Months of working with someone who helped me pull myself out of the funk…just gone…and the KIOSK STILL LET ME CHECK IN FOR MY APPOINTMENT…
VA, YOU HAVE GOT TO FUCKING DO BETTER THAN THIS…until then, I’ll be looking into VA advocates and what can be done. All my fellow Veterans, you deserve better than this, as I know without a doubt, there are those of you needing these services way more than me and you’re not getting it. Until then, we’ll do what we always do, dug out, dig in, and figure out what to do next.

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  1. Kanda Handa

    N they wonder why are military always have problems. Theres never anyone to help them. Thats our great government for u, NOT!! N u know I would never tell u to just suck it up n eat a donut. Lol. Glad it wasnt real. Love u. Mom

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