How to Have a Better Conversation

The first week of Ted Talk is over and hey, guess what, it went pretty well I think.

In case you missed the video, you can see it here. In it, Celeste Headlee put forth various ways to have a better conversation. I’m going to keep this short. Already, I saw a difference in the way I interacted with people. Instead of waiting to speak next, I made the effort to listen, just for the sake of listening. I’m a rambler, we all know this. During the week, I was able to shut up for once.

I think I genuinely got to know others better, as people lit up as they talked about things they cared about.

In once conversation, I spoke with someone about loss, death. I didn’t try to relate my own loss, and instead felt and sat with the pain of them expressing their history. I didn’t awkwardly spit out, “I’m sorry for you loss,” I asked what their loved one was like. Inevitably, a sad conversation tipped just a little bit happier when they gushed about the person they knew. That is a honorable place to be I think.

Slowly, I am getting the timing of others. It felt like the pace of life slowed a little, when I wasn’t just teetering on the edge of jumping into the conversation, with some self-important tidbit to share. I didn’t always succeed, but I tried to pause, and actually hear, before speaking. I dunno’, this may not be life changing, but it was day changing, and that’s a start.


This next week, I’ve picked a topic near and precious to me.

I’m focusing on…Sleep. One of my favoritest things in the world. Here’s to a week of better slam-shut-eye.



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