Ted Talk Tuesday: Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others

So, I’ve already written a post about last week’s video, how to get deeper delta wave sleep… and my session timed out when I went to the bathroom. I also accidentally poured coffee on my head this morning (don’t ask). That being said, again, this is going to be short, as I’m defeated.

Last week’s video led me down a bit of a rabbit hole. The video basically came to the conclusion that the technology isn’t quite there on providing deeper delta wave sleep, so I started researching other ways to get better sleep. There was a lot of the usual stuff. I took baths, lit expensive as shit candles (no seriously, why do candles cost more than most recreational drugs per ounce?), I played calming music and sprayed lavender scent on my bed. Honestly, I was sick again last week so I couldn’t really smell it anyways. I listened to calming music, and did guided mediations.

My search also led me to another sleep phenomenon. In a crazy nutshell, the theory goes, as you walk around inside manmade material houses, and offices, the body loses a certain type of “charge,” I dunno’ know exactly what it’s called, I’m not a damn scientist, I’ve said this before. It’s believed that back in the day, when you slept on the ground, in nothing but a loincloth, and nothing but mud under your nostrils, you regained that charge from sleeping directly on the ground. Amazon advised me there was a way to recreate this charge. There were pads for sale that emitted the charge. In about five minutes of research I decided that nah, nope, not for me. I’d rather keep my money for bills I don’t want to pay, and for the YMCA membership I have yet to use two weeks in after signing up. (Bronchitis again ya’ll.)

Getting better sleep simply came down to making myself go to bed at a decent time. I just did it. Now, getting up on time was a coincidence. In the history of histories of Laura, I’ve never gotten up after the first alarm. Manfriend’s schedule ensures I now get up on time.

In order to hit the bathroom before he spends his half hour in there, I MUST get up on time. We both leave the house at the same time. I had visions for the week of getting up with plenty of time to spare, you know, make some breakfast, drink some coffee, lounge on the couch being all privileged and shit. That didn’t happen. My meditation app (Headspace) eventually gave up giving me reminders at 6:30am to meditate after the first four days of not following the prompt. Meh, there’s always next week. (God this was not short at all).

For now though, I’m more rested. I was definitely more conscious of my sleep habits and overall did a bit better than normal.

Last tidbit: when the experts tell you to put your phone, i.e. alarm, across the room, they mean it. It works. It goes off, and I book it automatically to the bathroom for a good pee and toothbrush (pst, doing both at the same time, saves time, don’t you judge me, I live this life, not you!).

Anywho, this week’s video will focus on my least favorite thing (besides jello); exercise.  In this week’s video, we’ll look at why some people find exercise harder than others. I mean, there has to be a reason why I woke up this morning, got dressed in workout clothes intending to go after work, and instead went home and ate leftover mashed potatoes.

So uhh yeah, if anyone out there is actually following along with the videos, again, feel free to leave some comments on how it’s going…or don’t, I mean, I’m doing this to get my crap together so….yeah, ugg, going to bed.

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