Author’s Page

Welcome to Laura Bonano’s author page, fans and other folks who somehow wound up here on accident (shh, shh, it’s ok, just go with it, browse around, don’t be afraid).

This is where I keep everyone updated on events, the book launch, and other things relating to Why Is There A Toothbrush In The Bushes. 

February was a whirlwind of emotions as I have been working on promotion. I have booked my first book signing. For those wanting to come (even if you don’t want to, do it anyways!) the event details are as follows;

Location: Half Price Books, 533 E. Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN

Date/Time: March 24th, 1pm-3pm

I will have copies available, or I will gladly sign one you already have. I also have a signing booked with bookstore, Hyde Brothers, Booksellers in March as well, details to come.


Feel free to bring friends, or a Tinder date to show them how cool you are by knowing a published author, you can leave out the “self-published” part.


In other news: I have been in talks with local Fort Wayne boutique, Creative Women of the World, and it looks like they will be stocking it as well. A real store guys! Also, this is a great organization that provides entrepreneurial training, and other outreach efforts to artisan women around the world in order for them to gain empowerment through their work. Many of the artists have overcome poverty, human trafficking, and other disasters. Even if they decide not to carry Why Is There A Toothbrush In The Bushes, I can’t wait to work with the organization.

Check them out, as they’re always looking for volunteers. They have amazing pieces such as jewelry, artwork, clothing, stationary, and all things beautiful. It definitely isn’t a trip to Glenbrook and I plan on all my future gifts to people to come from them. You can check out their website here.





Buy Why Is There A Toothbrush In The Bushes here.

Note: You can also purchase it on Kindle here, which  brings me to another annoying tidbit, when I uploaded for Kindle distribution, it asked if I wanted it in paperback too, and I ended up creating a second paperback edition. I can’t wholeheartedly attest to the quality as I haven’t seen a proof.


By all means, get this one if you like the cover better.