Author’s Page

Welcome to my author’s page, fans and other folks who somehow wound up here on accident (shh, shh, it’s ok, just go with it, browse around, don’t be afraid).

This is where I keep everyone updated on events, the book launch, and other things relating to Why Is There A Toothbrush In The Bushes. 

I’m currently looking for venues for the launch party and my budget basically allows for some kind of event where I show up unannounced, I’ll stand in the corner of some bar and scream over karaoke so everyone can hear my reading. I may or  may not sell copies out of the trunk of my car because I don’t know the likelihood of getting a reasonable price that allows for table space. If only pool halls had BYOB. Hey, did you guys know you can serve booze at the library, if you hire a security guard of course, but honestly I don’t know why that would be a requirement. What could possibly go wrong with alcohol and stacks of books? (No seriously, entertain me with the possible scenarios).


Stay tuned for a save the date and details. In the meantime, if you haven’t gotten in line to experience all sorts of a disaster in paperback:

Buy Why Is There A Toothbrush In The Bushes here.

Note: You can also purchase it on Kindle here, which  brings me to another annoying tidbit, when I uploaded for Kindle distribution, it asked if I wanted it in paperback too, and I ended up creating a second paperback edition. I can’t wholeheartedly attest to the quality as I haven’t seen a proof.


By all means, get this one if you like the cover better, but no guarantees on the quality.